Universal @ Hazel – Accident W/Entrapment

On Wednesday afternoon, Station 227 & 222 were requested to assist PHEMS & WHEMS at the intersection of Universal Rd at Hazel Dr with a single vehicle accident with entrapment. 227RQ arrived on scene and EMS requested the door be open for better patient access. 222EN arrived on scene and both crews assisted getting the door opened. The patient was assisted out of the vehicle and into the awaiting ambulance. The patient was transported with non-life threatening injuries.

Command: 227 Chief (Jeffcoat)

Units: 227RQ, 227CV, 227SS, 222EN, PHEMS, WHEMS, PHEMS

400-blk Thompson Run Rd – Vehicle Into Utility Pole

Shortly before 2:30am, Stations 227, 223, 222 were alerted for a single vehicle accident, vehicle into a utility pole in the 400-blk of Thompson Run Rd. PHPD arrived on scene and reported the driver unresponsive. 227RQ and PHEMS arrived on scene and started patient stabilization. 223EN arrived and both crews assisted getting the patient loaded into the ambulance. The driver was transported to a local trauma center. PHPD is investigating the cause of the accident.

Command: 227 Chief (Jeffcoat)

Units: 227RQ, 223EN2, 222EN1, PHEMS, PHPD

75 Duff Rd – Natural Gas Leak

On Tuesday morning, 227 & 221 were alerted for a utility company that hit a gas line with a hydraulic auger and had an active gas leak. 227RQ arrived on scene with an active gas leak. The gas company arrived a short time later, and after a lot of reviewing it was discovered that the leaking line was a 12” gas transmission line that was pressurized at 110psi. Fire units remained on scene for 5 hours while crews slowly depressurized the line. The roadway will remain closed for late evening.

Command: 227 Chief (Jeffcoat)

Units: 227RQ, 221EN, 221SQ, St.223, St. 222, St. 225, PHFM

160 Allegheny River Blvd, VER – Vehicle Into Commercial Structure

On Friday, Stations 285, 222, 227, 223 were alerted for a vehicle into a commercial structure at 160 Allegheny River Blvd (Cost Cutters).  VPD arrived on scene and confirmed one vehicle inside the building.  285EN arrived on scene and established command.  All occupants from the vehicle were out of the vehicle.  227RQ arrived and both crews started checking the building for structural stability.  Units remained on scene till the local service could remove the vehicle.

Command:  285 LT (McClelland)
Units:  285EN, 227RQ, 223EN, St.222, VPD, LVEMS

3000-blk Blackridge Ave – Physical Rescue

On Sunday afternoon, Stations 225, 227, 122 were alerted to assist PHEMS on scene of a patient who’s foot was accidental impaled by a steel rake. 227RQ and 225EN arrived on scene. PHEMS had stabilized the patient. 227RQ crew used a bandsaw to remove the bulk of the rake. 225 crew assist in stabilizing the patients foot for transport.

Command: 225 Assistant (Stadelman)

Operations: 227 Chief (Jeffcoat)
Units: 225EN, 227RQ, 227SQ, 227CV

16 Federal Dr – Water Condition

On Wednesday evening, Stations 227, 225 were alerted for a water flow alarm 16 Federal Dr. 227TK arrived on scene to a construction crew that had accidentally hit a sprinkler head and was actively flowing water. Crews quickly made their way to the riser room and were able to shut off the city water supply to the system. Crews were able to get the suppression back online. Water did make it into the adjacent tenant. Crews from both companies assisted with water removal in both spaces.

Command: 227 Chief (Jeffcoat)

Units: 227TK, 225TK, PHFM

113 Martinique Dr – Residential Structure Fire

On Wednesday afternoon, Stations 223, 227, 222, 224, 233 were alerted for a residential structure in the 100-blk of Martinique Dr. 223 Assistant arrived on scene with an odor of something burning from the house. 227TK arrived on scene and it’s crew stretched an attack line and forced entry to the front door while the building was being laddered. Crews found an extinguished fire that was in the living room area. 223EN arrived on scene and it’s crew checked for hot spots and any extension. 222EN arrived on scene and stood by the hydrant. No injuries were reported. PHFM is investigating the cause of the fire.

Command: 223 Chief (Capone)

Operations: 223 Assistant

Units: 223EN1, 223SS1, 227TK, 227SS, 222EN, 224EN, PHFM, PHEMS, ACFM