12900-blk Frankstown – Accident w/Entrapment (Fatal)

On Thursday, just shortly after 4:30pm Rescue Companies from 227, 222, 223 were alerted for a two (2) car accident with entrapment in the 12900-blk of Frankstown Rd. 222RQ & 227RQ arrived on scene with an unresponsive patient in the vehicle. Crews freed the patient and was transported to a local trauma center. Despite the beat efforts of all involved, one of the operators of the vehicle succumbed to their injuries. Our thoughts and pray are with the victims family. Allegheny County Homicide is investigating the accident.

Command: 227 Chief

Units: 227RQ, 227EN, 222RQ, 223EN, 223EN2, PHPD, PHEMS, ACPD

Frankstown Rd @ Verona Rd – Accident w/multiple injuries

On Tuesday afternoon, Stations 225, 227, 222 were alerted for a multi-vehicle accident with entrapment at the intersection of Frankstown Rd at Verona Rd. 227CHF arrived on scene and found four (4) vehicles involved, one being a school bus. None of the occupants were trapped. The school bus was not occupied. 227RQ & 227EN arrived on scene and started making patient contact to assist PHEMS. 222RQ and 225SS assisted with traffic control. Three (3) patient were transport to local hospitals with non-life threatening injuries. Penn Hills Police are investigating the cause of the accident.

Command: 227 Chief

Units: 227RQ, 227EN, 227SS, 227CV, 225SS, 222RQ, PHPD, PHEMS, WHEMS, EAPHS

600-blk Macbeth Dr – Vehicle Into Structure

On Sunday afternoon, Rescue Companies 227, 223, 222 were alerted to the 600-blk of MacBeth Dr for a vehicle into the structure. 227 Chief arrived on scene and found a vehicle into the Structure with the driver already out of the vehicle. There was visible structural damage to the house. 227RQ, 227EN, 223EN arrived on scene and crews started stabilizing the structure. Crews secured all utilities to the house. Due to the structural damaged, the occupants of the house will be unable to occupy the house till repair are made.

Command: 227 Chief

Units: 227RQ, 227EN, 227CV, 223EN, 222RQ, PHFM, PHPD, PHEMS

Five (5) Runs For Truck 227

On Wednesday, Truck 227 logged five (5) runs throughout the day. Thank you to all the dedicated members for their help.

• 250 Alcoma Blvd – Commercial Fire Alarm

• 7185 Saltsburg Rd – Commercial Fire Alarm

• 7209 Saltsburg Rd – Water Condition w/Ceiling Collapse

• 1272 Blackadore Ave – Smoke From A Structure

• 219 Hulton Rd – Chemical Odor Investigation

80.2 MM I-376 EB – Vehicle Over Hillside

On Monday around 6:20am, Station 122 was alerted for a vehicle that went through the guide rail and over the hillside about 200ft in the 80.2 Mile Marker I-376 EB. 122CHF added 302 to the call. AC911 started getting additional calls reporting the vehicle went over the hillside. 122CHF added 227 to the call. Units arrived on scene and firefighters went over the hillside to make patient contact. 122CHF added 137 for additional manpower. Firefighters set up rope systems to safely bring the patient up the hillside to awaiting EMS. The patient was transported to a local trauma center.

Command: 122 Chief

Operations: 122 Assistant

Units: 122RQ, 302RQ, 227RQ, 227EN, 137RQ, 137EN, CPD, PSP, WHEMS

Wednesday Brings Eight (8) Runs To 227

Busy Wednesday For The 227 Crew. Crews answered eight (8) calls for service today. Thanks to all the members that assisted.

• 1228 Universal Rd – Vehicle Into Utility Pole

• 1220 Universal Rd – Natural Gas Line Leak

• 210 Rodi Rd – Commercial Lock Out

• 10 Duff Rd – Elevator Rescue

• 50 Duff Rd – Elevator Rescue

• 620 Rep Rd, Plum – Commercial Fire Alarm

• 5360 Saltsburg Rd – Commercial Fire Alarm

• 511 Rodi Rd – Natural Gas Leak

1200-blk Universal Rd – Vehicle Into Pole

Shortly before 2am on Wednesday morning, Stations 227, 223, 222 were alerted for a single vehicle into a utility pole in the 1200-blk of Universal Rd. AC911 got reports that the operator of the vehicle fled the scene on foot. 227RQ arrived on scene with a utility pole sheared and a single vehicle on its side. No occupants were found in the vehicle. Utility providers were notified. The roadway is expected to be closed till noon.

Command: 227 Chief

Units: 227RQ, 227EN, 227CV, 223EN, 223SS, 222RQ, PHPD, PHEMS

1145 Fox Hill Dr – CO Condition (Truck Request)

On Saturday afternoon 227TK was requested mutual aid to 1145 Fox Hill Dr for a carbon monoxide incident inside a commercial structure with reading above 400ppm. 227TK arrived on scene and crews were tasked with assisting unit with fans for ventilation. Crews also assisted with secondary searches to make sure all residents of the building were out of the building. Units were able to locate and isolate the source of the CO.

Command: Chief 196

Units: 196EN, 195TK, 194EN, 193TK, 227TK

900-blk Hulton Rd – Vehicle Into Utility Pole

Shortly after 1am, Stations 223, 222, 227 were alerted for a single vehicle accident with possible entrapment in the 900-blk of Hulton Rd. 223 Chief arrived on scene and confirmed one vehicle into a utility pole and one person out of the vehicle with one passenger still in the vehicle. 223EN and 227RQ arrived on scene and crews began stabilizing the vehicle. Crews assisted the patient out of the vehicle to waiting PHEMS. The driver of the vehicle was arrested for suspicion of DUI.

Command: 223 Chief

Units: 223EN, 223SS, 227RQ, 227CV, 222RQ, PHEMS, PHPD

Rescue 227 Gets New Hurst Spreader

On Thursday afternoon Station 227 & Penn Hills VFD Station 223 took delivery of our new HURST Jaws of Life eDraulic SP777E2 32” Spreaders. These spreaders are battery powered and no longer have to be corded to the rescue trucks. Station 223 & 227 provide Penn Hills and surrounding communities with all aspects of rescue services. Both companies train and work hand in hand, and together we are both committed to providing residents and guests of Penn Hills with the most modern and up to date equipment and rescues services. The new spreaders will go in service this weekend, and members will continue to train on them.