4300-blk Verona Rd – Vehicle Roll Over In Stream

Shortly before noon companies 225, 222, 227 were dispatched to the 430- blk of Verona Rd. for a motor vehicle accident. Crews arrived on scene to find one vehicle into a creek, on it’s roof. It’s occupant complaining of minor injuries. Crews from 225 & 227 gained access to the vehicle using a folding ladder, and assisted the occupant out and into the care of EMS for evaluation.

Units: 225EN, 227RQ, 227SVC, 222RQ, PHPD, PHEMS

Command: 225 Captain (Zielinski)
Operations: 227 Captain (Kutcher)

200-blk Highland Rd – Chimney Fire.

On Monday afternoon Station 227, 225, 222, 223, 196 were alerted for a chimney fire in the 200-blk of Highland Rd. 227TK arrive on scene with smoke showing. 225TK secured a water supply to 227TK. 223EN arrived on scene and crews from 225 and 223 started checking for extension. 227TK went to the roof. After a few mins, the fire within the chimney was extinguished and the house was ventilated.

Command: 227 Chief (Jeffcoat)
Units: 227TK, 225TK, 223EN1, 223EN2, 222EN,196RQ, PHPD, PHEMS.

11700-Blk Althea Dr – Explosion w/possible gas release

On Tuesday about 10:40am. Stations 227 & 225 were alerted for an unknown type explosion that came from the woods in the 11700-blk of Althea Dr. PHFM arrived on scene and speaking with witnesses confirmed multiple people hearing a loud explosion and a gasoline type odor in the area. 227EN arrived on scene. Witnesses reported seeing a someone with a fluorescent vest walking around the area where the explosion was heard from. 227 Chief requested all PHVFD's respond. Observing the wooded area with binoculars, crews were able to locate a large pipe with an unknown type vapor coming from it. Manpower and equipment were staged on Althea Dr. Crews were able to locate a "sewer pipe repair crew" working in the area. Confirming with the crew foreman, the crew had full accountability of all workers. The pipe repair crew was cleaning a main line sewer pipe and the process involved pushing a large pressurized bag through the pipe and the bag is designed to depressurized (explode) when it exits the pipe. The situation was placed under control and all units started to return back in service.

Command: 227 Chief (Jeffcoat)

Units: 227EN, 221EN, 223MP, 224EN, 225SQ, St. 222, 196EN2, PHFM, PHPD, PHEMS, PHEMA, ACHAZ

225 Thompson Run Rd – Vehicle Into Structure

On Monday, Stations 223, 227, 222 were alerted for a single vehicle accident into a structure in the area of 225 Thompson Run Rd. 227RQ arrived on scene and found a vehicle will moderate front end damage and the operator of the vehicle was unconscious. 227RQ began patient care till PHEMS arrived on scene. After the patient was stabilized and transported to a local hospital, 227RQ and 223EN turned their attention to stabilizing the structure. Crews safely removed debris from around basement and brought in structural support jacks to assist in stabilizing the structure. After about 30 minutes of stabilizing, crews determined the damaged section of the building was structural sound with the repairs.

Command: 223 Assistant
Operations: 227 Chief

Units: 223EN1, 227RQ, St.222, PHFM, PHEMS, PHPD, PH-CODE

10007 Grandview Ave – Residential Structure Fire

On Wednesday, shortly after 5:30pm Stations 225, 221, 227, 222, 285 were alerted for a house on fire in the 10000-blk of Grandview Ave.  225EN arrived on scene with smoke and flames showing from the first floor.  221EN secured a water supply to 225EN.  Crews from all companies worked quickly to contain the fire.  The fire was brought under control within 30mins.  Penn Hills Fire Marshal is investigating the cause of the fire.

Command:  225 Chief
Operations:  225 Assistant

Units:  225EN, 221SQ, 227TK, 227RQ, 227SS, 222EN, 285EN1, 285SS, PHPD, PHEMS, PHFM

Busy Friday For 227

Firefighters at 227 were busy today with 7 runs.  Thanks to all the members for their hard work today.

  • 06:15 – Alcoma On The Green – Commercial Fire Alarm
  • 12:38 – Alcoma On The Green – Commercial Fire Alarm
  • 17:59 – 11519 Frankstown Rd – Smoke In The Structure
  • 18:46 – 300-blk Jefferson Rd – Assist EMS
  • 19:45 – Wellington Square Apts – Commercial Fire Alarm
  • 20:20 – 8100-blk Chaske St – Smoke Coming From A Structure
  • 23:18 – 1204 Robinia Dr – Smoke In The Structure

Sycamore Dr @ Saltsburg Rd – Accident W/Entrapment

On Wednesday, Rescue Companies from 227, 222, 223 were alerted for a 2 car accident with possible entrapment at the intersection of Sycamore Dr and Saltsburg Rd.  PHFM arrived on scene with a 2 car accident with injuries and no entrapment 227RQ and 222RQ arrived on scene and assisted with traffic control and debris clean up.  Operators of the vehicles were transported to local hospitals for evaluation.

Command: 227 Captain
Units:  227RQ, 222RQ, 223EN1, PHPD, PHEMS, PHFM

1700-blk Gopher Way – Residential Structure Fire

On Monday morning Stations 221, 222, 225, 227, 137 were alerted for smoke coming from a house at the intersection of Gopher Way at Mt. Carmel Rd.  221EN arrived on scene with smoke in the area with smoke showing.  Due to the close proximity on the Penn Hills/PGH City boarder PBF responded also.  Both PHVFD and PBF contained the fire and all fire crews returned in service.  PBF is investigating the cause of the fire.

Units:  221EN, 222EN, 225EN, 225SS, 227TK, 137RQ, 231EN15, 231EN17, 231EN8, 231TK17, 231MAC, PHEMS, PHPD, PPD

Photo Credit: The Scene Photography

81.8 Mile Marker I-376 WB – Vehicle Rollover

On Saturday morning, Truck 227 was requested to standby at Monroeville St.5 while crews were operating an accident on the turnpike.  While on standby, 227 was alerted for a vehicle rollover in the 81.8 mile marker I-376 WB.  227TK arrived on scene to find one vehicle on its side with a light pole down.  The driver was already out of the vehicle, fire fighters provided BLS care till EMS arrived.  Debris was cleaned off the highway and crews returned back in service about 45mins later.

Command:  227 Assistant
Units:  227TK, 227RQ, 196RQ, 122RQ, WHEMS, PSP

700-Blk Macfarlane Dr – Vehicle Into Utility Pole

On Tuesday, Stations 225 and 227 were alerted for a single vehicle accident in the 700-blk of Macfarlane Dr.  227 Chief arrived on scene to find one vehicle hit a utility pole with wires down.  The driver was already out of the vehicle.  227 units provided traffic control till the utility company could take control of the street.

Command:  227 Chief
Units:  227CV, 227SS, St.225, PHFM, PHPD, WHEMS