Sandy Creek @ ARB – Tractor Trailer vs Bus

On Wednesday morning, Stations 222, 227, 224 were alerted for a tractor trailer vs an occupied bus at the intersection of Sandy Creek Rd & Allegheny River Blvd. 222RQ & 227RQ arrived on scene to find a three (3) vehicle. All occupants were refusing injuries. A minor amount of debris was cleared from the roadway. All units cleared the scene a short time later.

Command: 222 Chief

Units: 222RQ, 227RQ, 224QRS

470-blk Flamingo Ave – Vehicle Into Structure

On Tuesday morning, Stations 225, 227, 222 were alerted for a vehicle into the structure in the 470-blk Flamingo Ave. 225TK arrived on scene and found an SUV into the structure. 227RQ arrived and crews started assessing the damage. The building was evacuated and all utilities were secured. The vehicle was removed and the property owner re-took possession of the building to begin repairs. PHPD is investigating the cause of the accident. PH CODE will be following up with repairs.

Command: 225 Assistant

Operations: 227 Chief

Units: 225TK, 225SS, 227RQ, PHPD, WHEMS, PHFM, PHCODE.

6500-blk Saltsburg Rd – Vehicle Over Hillside

On Wednesday, just after 7:30pm. Stations 223, 227, 222 were alerted for a vehicle over a hillside in the 6500-blk of Saltsburg Rd. PHPD arrived on scene and confirmed a single vehicle accident with multiple injuries. PHPD reported the vehicle had traveled several hundred yards over the hillside and rolled an unknown amount of time coming to rest on its side up against a fence. 223 Assistant arrived on scene an assumed command. 227RQ arrived and crews went to work gaining patient access. 223EN and 222RQ started stabilizing the vehicle. Crews from all the rescue companies worked diligently to free the patients. Both patients were transported to local trauma centers. PHPD is investigating the cause of the accident.

Command: 223 Assistant

Operations: 227 Captain

Units: 223EN, 223MP, 227RQ, 227SS, 222RQ, PHPD, PHEMS, PEMS

130-blk Ange Dr – Smoke In The Structure

On Wednesday morning, Shortly before 4am Stations 227, 223, 222, 225, 196 were alerted for an odor of something burning with smoke in the structure in the 130-blk of Ange Dr. 227TK arrived on scene with light smoke showing. 227TK secures it’s own water supply. Crews from 227, 223, 222 started investigating the source of the smoke. 225TK laddered the building. 196RQ arrived and staged for RIT. After investigating crews found a faulty HVAC motor that was the cause of the smoke. Crews returned in service a short time later.

Command: 227 Chief (Jeffcoat)

Operations: 227 Assistant (Davis)

Units: 227TK, 223EN1, 223EN2, 222EN, 225TK, 196RQ, PHEMS, PHPD

30-blk Glenbrook Dr – Residential Structure Fire

On Wednesday shortly before 6pm Stations 225, 227, 222, 223 were alerted for a kitchen on fire near the 30-blk of Glenbrook Dr. PHEMS arrived on scene with smoke showing. 227TK arrived on scene and upon investigating found a small kitchen fire. Crews were able to extinguish the fire with a water can. 225TK & 225EN arrived and scene and crews started ventilating the structure and checking for extension. The assignment was held to units on scene. All other companies were returned.

Command: 225 Chief

Units: 225EN, 225TK, 227TK, 223EN, 222EN, PHEMS, PHPD, PHFM

190-blk Shenandoah Rd – Residential Structure Fire

On Tuesday, Stations 227, 223, 222, 225, 196 were alerted for a house on fire in the 190-blk of Shenandoah Dr. PHFM arrived on scene and reported smoke showing. PHFM was able to contain the fire to the stove till the arrival of 227TK.223EN secured a water supply to 227TK. 227TK crew was able to extinguish the remaining fire. 196RQ arrived and staged for RIT. 222EN and 225TK checked for extension and started ventilation.

Command: 227 Chief (Jeffcoat)

Units: 227TK, 227EN, 227SS, 223EN1, 223EN2, 223MP, 222EN, 222SS, 225TK, 196RQ, PHFM, PHEMS, PHPD

Stand By Companies: St.221, St.224, St.285

Frankstown @ Rodi – Vehicle vs Bus

On Monday Stations 227 & 223 were alerted for a vehicle vs a mass transit bus at the intersection of Frankstown @ Rodi. Units arrived on scene to fined multiple injuries and a large debris field with fluids on the roadway. Crews attended to patient care till EMS arrived. Fire units then started containing leaking fluids from both vehicles. Crews remained on scene for about an hour till the roadway was reopened.

Command: 227 Assistant (Davis)

Units: 227EN, 227SS, 223SS, PHEMS, WHEMS, PHPD

1635 S Braddock Ave – Smoke In The Structure

At 1:20am, Stations 137, 278, 207, 153, 122, 171, 227 were alerted for smoke in the structure at the Planet Fitness At 1635 S Braddock Ave in Edgewood. 278TK and 137EN arrived and began investigating the source of the smoke. 227RQ arrived and was assigned Rapid Intervention (RIT). 171SS arrived and was assigned to RIT as well. Crews eventually determined the smoke was coming from a rooftop HVAC unit. Power was isolated. All companies were returned.

Command: 137 Chief

Units: 137EN, 137SQ, 278TK, 122RQ, 227RQ, 153TK, 207EN, EAPHS EMS, EPD, SPD

600-bulk Beulah Rd – Water Main Break

On Wednesday shortly before 10am, Stations 225, 221, 227, 222 were alerted for a large water main break in the 600-blk of Beulah Rd. Crews arrived on scene to find eight (8) houses affected from the water main. Crews from all stations assisted with traffic control. Most houses just needed the floor drains opened and the ponding water started receding.

Command: 221EN

Units: 221EN, 221QRS, 227SS, 227CV, 222SS, St.225, PHEMS

While operating on scene, 227 crews were able to answer two (2) other calls for service.

•12818 Frankstown RD – Commercial Fire Alarm

•9600 Frankstown RD – Gas Meter Leaking

850 Unity Center Rd – Residential Structure Fire

On Saturday shortly before 11:30pm, 227TK was requested to 850 Unity Center Rd, Plum for a residential structure fire. 227TK arrived on scene and was tasked with laddering the structure. Crews completed this task by utilizing all ground ladders from 227TK & 195TK. 227TK crew was then tasked with fire suppression on the rear of the structure. Due to structural questionability, command requested all unit not to enter the structure. 227TK operated on scene for about an hour before being released from the scene. The Allegheny County Fire Marshal is investigating. No injuries were reported.

Command: 233

Units: 233EN, 234EN, 236EN, 222EN, 195TK, 195TN, 227TK, PEMS, PPD, MURRYSVILLE MEDIC 1, ACFM