Long Rd @ Beulah Rd – Rollover w/entrapment

Shortly before 12:15am, Stations 225 & 227 were alerted for a single vehicle accident with rollover and possible entrapment at the intersection of Long Rd at Beulah Rd. 227 Chief & PHPD arrived on scene to find one vehicle on its side and two (2) male operators uninjured and unable to exit the vehicle. 227RQ arrived on scene and stabilized the vehicle. 225SS started traffic control. Due to the accident being on the board of Churchill, St.122 was added to the call. Access to the occupants were made and the occupants were able to exit the vehicle under their own power. The driver of the vehicle was arrested for suspicion of DWI.

Command: 227 Chief

Units: 227RQ, 227EN, 227CV, 225SS, 122RQ, PHEMS, WHEMS, PHPD, CPD, ACPD

81.5 MM I-376 EB – Accident Unknown Injuries

On Friday evening Stations 227, 122, 196 were alerted for a multiple vehicle accident with unknown injuries at the 81.5 Mile Marker I-376 EB. 227RQ arrived on scene with a two (2) vehicle accident and took a defensive position blocking three (3) lanes of traffic. Crews started checking for injuries, none were found. 122RQ arrived and assisted with debris clean up. Another two (2) car accident took place about 300 yrds after the original accident. 196RQ arrived and discovered the vehicle hit a deer leaving the accident scene. Parkway traffic was limited for about 25mins. No injuries were reported.

Command: 227 Chief

Units: 227RQ, 122RQ, 196RQ, PHEMS, PSP

460-blk Flamingo Ave – Electrical Condition

On Wednesday evening Stations 225, 227, 221, 222 were alerted for sparks coming under a kitchen cabinet in the 460-blk of Flamingo Ave. 225TK & 227TK arrived on scene and crews started investigating. 221EN arrived and stood by the hydrant. Crews located and isolated faulty wiring without further incident. All units cleared a short time later.

Command: 225 Assistant

Units: 225TK, 227TK, 221EN, 222EN, PHEMS

10700-blk Frankstown Rd – Gas Leak

On Wednesday afternoon, Station 225 & 227 were alerted for a natural gas leak inside a commercial business in the 10700-blk of Frankstown Rd. 227TK arrived on scene and crews investigated and found a forklift had hit an overhead gas line. Crews located the free flowing gas pipe. The businesses were evacuated as a precaution. Crews from 227TK & 227RQ were able to plug the leak. Crews then started ventilating the building. 221EN arrived and assisted with ventilation. The scene was turned over to building management. No injuries were reported.

Command: 227 Chief

Units: 227TK, 227RQ, 221EN, St.225, St.222, St.223, PHEMS

620 Repp Rd, Plum – Commercial Structure Fire

On Sunday afternoon Stations 235, 234, 233, St.54, St.227, St.194, St.216 were alerted for a possible commercial structure fire at 620 Repp Rd, Plum. 235-Assistant arrived on scene reporting heavy smoke on the 4th floor, and later discovered a apartment on fire on the 4th floor. Numerous firefighters responded, the fire floor was searched and no one was found. The fire was brought under control in about 20mins. Unit operated on scene for an extended time period. The ACFM is investigating the cause of the fire.

Command: 235 Assistant

Units: 235EN, 235SS, 235EN, 234RQ, 233TK, WM54, 227TK, 194RQ, 216EN

250-blk Maple Ave, EWD – RIT Request

On Tuesday evening Rescue 227 was requested for rapid intervention in the 250-bulk of Maple Ave in Edgewood. 227RQ arrived on scene and crews staged manpower and equipment in the front driveway after laddering the building. The source of the smoke was found and isolated. All units were released a short time later.

Command: 137 Assistant

Units: 137EN, 278TK, 278EN, 207EN, 153TK, 227RQ, 122RQ, EPD, EAPHS, ACFM

Commercial Structure Fire – General Braddock Towers, NBR

On Thursday morning, Station 227 was requested to assist with an apartment fire located on the 12th floor of General Braddock Towers in North Braddock. Once on scene, crews assisted with ventilation and were released a short time later.

Command: 207 Chief

Operations: 207 Assistant

Units: 207EN, 207RQ, 137EN, 278TK, 227TK, 227SS, 113EN, 153TK, 171SQ, 137RQ, 196RQ, 292TK, 293TK

250 Alcoma Blvd – Commercial Structure Fire

On Sunday evening, Just before 11pm Stations 223 & 227 were alerted for a grease fire in a second floor apartment at Alcoma on the Green. AC911 started getting multiple calls reporting the fire and smoke in the second floor hallway. 223-Assistant and 227TK arrived on scene. 223-Assistant requested 222EN & 225TK be added to the call. 227TK crew proceeded to the second floor and found a heavy smoke condition and hooked the high rise pack into the stand pipes. 223EN arrived on scene at the “B” side stand pipes. 227TK crew reported the fire was out. 223EN crew checked for extension. 222EN & 225TK assisted with a smoke condition on floors 2, 4, 5, and 6. About 35 residents were evacuated to the lobby. All occupants were allowed to return to their apartments after 45mins. Two residents were evaluated by PHEMS, but denied transport. The PHFM is investigating the cause of the fire.

Command: 223 Chief

Operations: 223 Assistant

Units: 223EN, 223SS, 227TK, 227EN, 222EN, 225TK, PHEMS, PHFM

400-blk Beulah Rd – Residential Structure Fire (Fatal)

On Saturday shortly before 10:00am, Stations 225, 227, 222, 223 were alerted for smoke coming from a house in the 400-blk of Beulah Rd. PHPD arrived on scene with smoke showing. 225TK arrived on scene and got reports of possible entrapment. 222EN secured a water supply to 225TK. Crews from 227 & 222 conducted a primary search and found two (2) victims inside the house. They were quickly removed from the house to awaiting PHEMS. Despite the best efforts of all responses on scene, the two (2) victims succumbed to their injuries on scene. Crews from 223 and 285 were able to extinguish the remaining fire. The fire was brought under control within 45mins. The PHFM is investigating the cause of the fire. The thoughts and prayers of the entire PHVFD are with the victims families and friends.

Command: 225 Captain

Operations: 223 Chief

Units: 225TK, 225EN, 227EN, 227RQ, 227SS, 222EN, 223EN1, 223EN2, PHPD, PHEMS, PHFM

Stand-by Companies: St.221, St.224, 196RQ

100-blk Colorado St – Physical Rescue

Seconds after clearing an elevators emergency, 227RQ was requested to assist 224SS and 223EN in the 100-blk of Colorado St for a single motorcycle accident and the operator was thrown about 30’ over the hillside. 224SS and PHEMS made patient contact. 223EN and 227RQ arrived and crews started packaging the patient and setting up a single rope rescue system. Crews had the patient out of the woods in about 30mins.

Command: 224 Assistant

Operations: 227 Chief

Units: 224SS1, 223EN, 223MP, 227RQ, 227EN, PHEMS, PHPD