1100-blk Jefferson Rd – Vehicle Into Utility Pole

On Wednesday morning, Shortly after 12:30am. Stations 227, 223, 222 were alerted for a vehicle into a utility pole in the 1100-blk of Jefferson Rd. 227RQ arrived on scene with PHPD and found one vehicle had struck a parked car, then hit the utility pole. The driver was already out of the vehicle upon arrival. 227RQ crew provided patient care till PHEMS arrived on scene. The driver of the vehicle was transported to a local hospital with non-life threatening injuries. PHPD is investigating the cause of the accident.

Command: 227 Chief (Jeffcoat)

Units: 227RQ, 227EN, 223EN, 222EN, PHPD, PHEMS

800-blk Sweetleaf Dr, Mon – Residential Structure Fire (Fatal)

On Friday morning, Stations 196, 195, 194, 192, 193 were alerted for a residential structure fire in the 800-blk of Sweetleaf Dr, Mon.  Fire units were updated of an individual that was trapped on the 2nd floor.  227RQ was added to the alarm for the Rapid Intervention Team (RIT).  Fire crews made a fast attack on the fire.  Crews conducted a primary search of the building and found a victim that did not make it out of the house and succumbed to the injuries.  The fire was brought under control in about 20 mins.  227RQ was reassigned to stand-by at St 196.  227 remained at St.196 for about 2 hours before being released.

Command:  195 Chief

Units:  196EN, 196RQ, 195TK, 194EN, 194RQ, 192EN, 192SQ, 193COM, 227RQ
Stand-by Companies:  227RQ, 233TK

Coal Hollow Rd – Accident With Entrapment

On Friday, Stations 222, 225, 223 were alerted for a three (3) vehicle accident with entrapment at the intersection of Coal Hollow Road and Old Coal Hollow Road. 222 Chief arrived on scene and confirmed entrapment. 227RQ was added to the call. 222SS and 223EN arrived on scene and crews started stabilizing the vehicles and started workin to free the occupant from the vehicle. Multiple patients were transported to local trauma centers. The PHPD is investigating the cause of the accident.

Command: 222 Chief

Units: 222SS, 225SS, 223EN, 223MP, 227RQ, PHEMS, PHPD

340-blk Tall Tree Dr – Smoke In The Structure

On Wednesday morning shortly before 3:30am, Stations 227, 223, 222, 225, 196 were alerted for smoke in the basement of a residential structure in the 340-blk of Tall Tree Dr. PHPD called out on scene with smoke showing. 227TK arrived on scene and crew found a surge protector was on fire due to multiple appliances being plugged into it. PHEMS evaluated one patient on scene. The house was ventilated and the PHFM is investigating.

Command: 227 Chief

Units: 227TK, 223EN2, 222EN, 225TK, 196RQ, PHFM, PHEMS, PHPD

300-blk Howard St, EPG – Commercial Structure Fire

On Thursday morning shortly after 3:15am, 227TK was requested on a 3rd Alarm Structure Fire in the 300-blk Of Howard St, East Pittsburgh. 227TK arrived on scene and its crew was assigned to fire suppression in the exposure building. Crews operated on scene for about 2 hours before being released from the scene.

Command: 113 Chief

Units: 113 133 135 153 192 196 200 204 207 227 238 283 292 298 302 303 306

11800-blk Frankstown Rd – Tablet On Fire

On Tuesday, Stations 227 & 223 were alerted for an occupied school bus filling with smoke in the 11800-blk of Frankstown Rd. 227EN arrived on scene to find all occupants evacuated the bus. There was a light smoke condition inside the bus from the driver discharging the onboard fire extinguisher. After further investigation, crews discovered a tablet had malfunctioned and caught fire. One occupant of the bus was evaluated for minor burns to the hand. The PHFM is investigating the incident.

Command: 227 Chief (Jeffcoat)

Units: 227EN, St.223, PHFM, PHPD, PHEMS

250-blk Universal Rd – Vehicle Into Tree

On Sunday afternoon Stations 227 & 223 were alerted for a single vehicle accident into a tree in the 250-blk of Universal Rd. 227 Chief arrived on scene to find one vehicle into a tree, all occupants were out of the vehicle. The occupants of the vehicle treated and patient care was transferred to PHEMS. No other fire units were needed. PHPD is investigating the cause of the accident.

Command: 227 Chief

Units: 227CV, 227RQ, 223EN

1400-blk Homestead Rd – Residential Structure Fire (Fatal)

On Sunday morning shortly before 6:30am, Station 222 and 225 were alerted for a house on fire in the 1400-blk of Homestead Rd. PHPD arrived on scene and reported a fully involved house fire. 222EN requested a 2nd alarm bringing St.224 to the call. 222EN arrived on scene and hit the hydrant at 3rd and Homestead. The hydrant was frozen. Command requested a 3rd alarm brining St.227 to the scene. 224EN arrived on scene and secured a secondary water supply. Command requested 285EN to the scene. Crew battled freezing temperatures and deployed numerous attack lines. Due to a sudden drop in water pressure, command requested tankers to the scene. After the fire was brought under control, crews were able to enter the structure. A victim was found inside the house. Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims families. The Penn Hills Fire Marshal is investigating the cause of the fire.

Command: 222 Assistant

Units: 222EN1, 222SS1, 225TK, 224EN2, 227TK, 285EN, PHPD, PHEMS, PHFM, 235TN, 195TN, 175TN

Stand by Companies: 221, 223, 122, 196

1900-blk Lincoln Ave Ext – Physical Rescue

Shortly before midnight on Tuesday evening, Stations 221, 222, 227 were requested by PHPD for a suspect that fled on foot and possibly fell 75’ over a hillside in the 1900-blk of Lincoln Ave Ext.. Companies arrived on scene and rendezvoused with PHPD in the woods. Crews from 222RQ & 227RQ started to set up a rope repelling system to safely descend the cliff. St.223 was added to assist with manpower in preparation to finding the actor. PHPD continued to search the area for the actor. As rescue technicians were about to descend the cliff, when PHPD located the suspect and took him into custody. All units were able to clear a short time later.

Command: 221 Capt (Williams)

Operations: 227 Chief (Jeffcoat)

Units: 221EN, 222RQ, 222SS, 227RQ, St.223, PHPD, PHEMS

7 Runs For 227

Today was a busy day for the members of 227, taking in seven (7) calls for service.  Thank you for all the hard work.

  • 6352 Saltsburg Rd – Water Condition
  • Rodi Rd @ Stoneledge Dr – MVA with Hazards
  • Linton Middle School – Commercial Fire Alarm
  • 676 Sara Ln – Residential Structure Fire
  • 107 Bingum Dr – Residential Structure Fire
  • Plum Senior High School – Commercial Fire Alarm
  • Home Depot, Wilkins Twp – Accident w/Possible Entrapment