140-blk Rosewood Rd – Vehicle Into Structure

On Thursday afternoon, Stations 227, 223, 222 were alerted for a vehicle into a structure in the 140-blk of Rosewood Dr. PHFM arrived on scene with a full size pickup truck and landscaping trailer into the structure. The vehicle was occupied with four occupants. The occupants were assisted out of the vehicle by PHPD & PHFM. PHEMS arrived on scene and started patient care. All of the occupants later refused medical treatment. 227RQ arrived on scene. 196RQ & 221EN were added to the call. The homeowners were not on scene at the time of the accident. 227RQ crew conducted a quick primary search of the house. Nothing was found. Crews were able to safely remove two cats from the structure. Units assisted the towing service getting the truck and trailer out of the building. Units assisted the homeowner getting as many items out of the house as possible. The house was condemned by the PHFM & PHCODE. PHPD is investigating the cause of the accident.

Command: 227 CHIEF

Units: 227RQ, 223MP, 222SQ, 221UT, 196RQ, PHEMS, PHPD, PHFM, PHCODE