1635 S Braddock Ave – Smoke In The Structure

At 1:20am, Stations 137, 278, 207, 153, 122, 171, 227 were alerted for smoke in the structure at the Planet Fitness At 1635 S Braddock Ave in Edgewood. 278TK and 137EN arrived and began investigating the source of the smoke. 227RQ arrived and was assigned Rapid Intervention (RIT). 171SS arrived and was assigned to RIT as well. Crews eventually determined the smoke was coming from a rooftop HVAC unit. Power was isolated. All companies were returned.

Command: 137 Chief

Units: 137EN, 137SQ, 278TK, 122RQ, 227RQ, 153TK, 207EN, EAPHS EMS, EPD, SPD