200 Penn Center Blvd – Commercial Structure Fire

On Monday evening, 227TK was requested on a 2nd alarm commercial structure fire at the 200 Building at Penn Center in Wilkins Twp. 227TK arrived on scene at its crew was tasked with checking a rooftop HVAC unit. 227RQ arrived on scene and its crew was requested to start ventilation on the ground floor. Further investigation found a ground floor HVAC unit was on fire. Crews worked to isolate the power to the unit. All companies worked for about 45mins ventilating the building.

Command: 304 Assistant

Operations: 302 Chief

Units: 304EN, 304SQ, 303TK, 303AK, 302EN, 302SS, 122RQ, 194TK, 194EN, 227TK, 227RQ, 137RQ, 196RQ