225 Alcoma Blvd – Kitchen Fire

On Monday evening, shortly after 8:30pm Stations 223, 227, 222 were alerted for a commercial fire alarm at 225 Alcoma Blvd. While units were responding, AC911 updated units that they were getting multiple calls for a fire on the 2nd floor. The alarm was upgraded bringing 225, 196 to the call. 227TK arrived on scene with partial evacuation. Crews stretched an attack lines and water cans into the building. Upon arriving on the 2nd floor crews were met with a moderate smoke condition. 222EN arrived on scene and secured a water supply to 227TK. 222EN and 223EN crews proceeded to the 2nd floor. Crews quickly located the fire and were able to extinguish the fire with just water cans. Crews ventilated multiple floors and apartments. One (1) resident was evaluated on scene by PHEMS, and later refused transport. PHFM is investigating the cause of the fire.

Command: 223CHF

Units: 227TK, 223EN1, 223EN2, 223SS1, 222EN1, 225TK, 196EN, PHFM, PHEMS, PHPD

Stand By Companies: St.221, St.224, St.285