248 Duff Road – Shed Fire

At about 1:30pm Monday, Stations 227 and 225 were alerted for a possible tree and brush on fire in the area of the Penn Hills skate park. 227 Lieutenant arrived on scene with 516FM1 and discovered this to be a large shed fully involved behind 248 Duff Road. 222 Engine was added to the call and due to the shed being located approximately 250-300 feet off the road, 226 Attack, 223 Engine, and 233 ATV were requested to assist. Units extinguished the fire and the fire marshal is investigating the cause.


Command: 227 Lieutenant 1 (Zamora)

Units: 227SS, 222EN1, 223EN2, 223SS, 225ST, 226AK, 233AV, 516FM1, PHEMS, PHPD20150706_14062820150706_133853[1]