2744 Ford Ave – Residential Structure Fire

On Monday evening Stations 226, 227, 223 were alerted for a house on fire with three (3) occupants trapped inside the house.  227CHF arrived on scene with fire showing from the garage and living room.  All occupants were accounted for.  227EN arrived on scene and crews deployed two (2) attack line to the living room and garage area.  226EN secured a water supply to 227EN.  223EN & 227TK arrived and crews assisted those firefighters inside the house.  Crews attempting to check for extension on the 2nd floor found Hording conditions and were unable to complete that task.  Crews operating in the rear of the house noticed the roof start to collapse.  All units were evacuated from the house and crews operated attack lines from the outside.  The fire was finally brought under control.  Companies operated on scene for about 3 hours, and in that time NO injuries were reported.

Command:  227 Chief (Jeffcoat)

 226EN, 227EN, 227TK, 227SR, 227CV, 223EN1, 223EN2, 221EN1, 221EN2, 222EN, 222RQ, 224EN1, 224SR, 225TK1, 225EN

Stand By Companies:  St.285, St.304, St.195, St.137