2766 Robinson Blvd – Commercial Structure Fire

Around 6:30 on Wednesday morning, Stations 221, 222, 225 and 227 were alerted for a laundromat on fire. Crews arrived on scene and quickly confirmed the fire had originated in a dryer and had extended into the roof. 225 Chief requested the next 2 companies, bringing 122 and 223 to the call. 227 Truck laddered the building while 225 Truck set up for aerial operations. Crews quickly stretched 2 attack lines and began knocking the fire down. 223 and 225 vented the roof and found some deep seated fire and extinguished it. No injuries were reported.  Crews operated for about 2 1/2 hours.  Penn Hills Fire Marshal is investigating the cause of the fire.

Command: 225 Chief (McMeekin)

Units: 122RQ, 221SQ, 221UT, 223EN1, 223EN2, 225TK, 225EN1, 227TK, 227UT, 516FM1, PHEMS, PHPD