412 W. Hutchinson Ave, EWD – Smoke In The Structure (RIT)

On Wednesday, shortly before 1pm. Stations 137, 278, 207, 153, 227 were alerted for an electrical condition with smoke seen inside on 412 West Hutchinson Ave in Edgewood. 137EN and 278 EN arrived on scene with moderate smoke inside the structure. 278EN deployed a dry attack line. Exterior crews secured a water supply to 278EN. 227RQ & 227EN arrived on scene and was assigned Rapid Intervention (RIT). Crews quickly found a section of wire that had caught fire. The power was isolated and the house was ventilated. Crews were released and went back into service.

Command: 137 CHIEF

Units: 137EN, 278EN, 207EN, 153TK, 227RQ, 227EN, 171SS, EPD, EAPHS, ACFM