420 Coal Hollow Rd – Residential Structure Fire

At 1:30pm Stations 222, 221, 225 were alerted for a possible structure fire at 420 Coal Hollow Rd.  PHPD arrived on scene with fire showing from the rear of the structure.  221EN1 secured a water supply to 222EN1.  225EN1 secured a secondary hydrant.  221 Chief requested 227TK1 be added to the fire and St.223 for man power.  222 Chief assumed incident command.  227TK arrived on scene and laddered the building.  All companies assisted with extinguishing the fire.

Command: 222 Chief (Sanford)
Units: 222EN1, 222RQ1, 221EN1, 221EN2, 225EN1, 225SS1, 227TK, 223EN1, 224EN1, PHPD, PH EMS, ACFM
Stand By Units:  196RQ1, St. 226, St. 285, St. 234

Coal Hollow 1-30-13-02 Coal Hollow 1-30-13-03 Coal Hollow 1-30-13-04 Coal Hollow 1-30-13-05