50 Duff Rd – Stove Fire

At 2:00am on Sunday morning, Stations 227, 223, 222, 225 were alerted for smoke and an odor of something burning on the 7th & 8th floor of Duff Manor. AC911 started receiving multiple calls reporting the smoke. PHPD arrived on scene and confirmed smoke on the 7th & 8th floor. 227TK arrived on scene and crews proceeded to the 7th floor and were met with a moderate smoke condition. 223EN2 arrived on scene and secured a water supply. Crews found smoke coming from an apartment door, the door was forced open and crews found a small fire on the stove. Crews from 222, 223 proceeded to the 7th floor to assist with ventilation. After searching the apartment, 227TK crew found an occupant sleeping in the bedroom. That individual was escorted to the hallway and PHEMS evaluates the patient for smoke inhalation. 137RQ & 233TK were added to the call for RIT and additional ventilation equipment. 222EN crew started checking the floors about for smoke conditions, none was found. The PHFM is investigating the cause of the fire.

Command: 227CHF

Units: 227TK, 223EN1, 223EN2, 222EN, 222SS, 225SS, 137RQ, 137EN, 233TK, PHFM, PHEMS, PHPD