7 Storm Related Calls – Water Rescue Rodi Rd

This afternoon the Penn Hills area was hit with strong thunderstorms and heavy rains.  Station 227 answered 7 storm related calls in 2 hours.  PHPD requested traffic control assistance in the 600-blk of Rodi Rd due to a flooded roadway.  227RQ responded and set up barricades to block motorists.  One particular vehicle had more important things to do.  That vehicle drove around the barriers and attempted to cross the flooded roadway, the occupants quickly realized they made a poor decision.  The vehicle entered the 5′ deep water and quickly stalled out, trapping the 3 occupants.  227RQ quickly went into water rescue mode.  Rescuers with flotation devices and tag lines from 227 made their way to the occupants.  223EN1 arrived and staged 2 rescuers as a back up.  One by one the occupants put on a flotation device and we safely put back on solid ground.

Command:  227 Chief
Units:  227RQ, 227EN, 223EN, 223SS

*Pictures Taken After Flood Waters Recede*