733 E. Railroad Ave – Residential Structure Fire

At around 5:45 p.m. Sunday, 227 Rescue was called to a working house fire in Verona for filling air cylinders. 227 Rescue responded and set up a filling station, 227 Truck responded shortly after and set up for aerial operations due to poor structural conditions inside. Crews from Penn Hills, Verona and Oakmont worked for multiple hours to bring the fire under control and overhaul. Great work to all crews to minimize the extent of the fire. No injuries were reported.


Command: 285 Chief (Suchevich)

Units: 216EN1, 216EN2, 216TK, 216SS, 222EN1, 224EN1, 224EN2, 224UT, 225TK, 227RQ, 227TK, 285EN1, 285EN2, 285SS, 285SQ, VPD, GAEMS 20140323_180623 20140323_180743 20140323_182830 20140323_182850

Stand-by companies: 221, 223, 226