8000-blk Mark Dr – Physical Rescue

On Sunday afternoon, Station 221, 222, 227 were alerted for a patient that fell about 20ft over a steep hillside.  221EN arrived on scene and made patient contact.   227RQ arrived on scene and crews began getting rescue equipment ready.  227RQ crew made it to the patients location and crews from PHEMS, 221EN, and 227RQ started to package the patient into a stokes basket.  Crews from 227EN & 222EN started clearing an exit path in the woods that would allow safe egress for the responders and the patient to get out of the woods.  The patient was safely removed from the woods and was evaluated by PHEMS.

Command:  221 Chief (Cummings)
Operations:  227 Chief (Jeffcoat)

Units:  221EN, 227RQ, 227EN, 222EN, PHEMS