9400-blk Frankstown Rd – Vehicle Into Structure

On Wednesday afternoon Station 223 was alerted for a fluid containment detail secondary to a MVA in the 9400-blk of Frankstown Rd. 223-Service arrived on scene and quickly discovered this was more than a spill pickup. The reported the MVA was into a structure with structural damage. 227RQ and 222RQ were added to the assignment. 227RQ and 223EN arrived on scene. Units secured power to the building till the affected parts of the building could be isolated. Power was later restored to the building. 223EN crew deployed three (3) struts in the basement area. 227RQ and 222RQ crew built and deployed one T-Strut to stabilize the attached overhead awning before the involved vehicles were removed. 225 assisted with debris clean up. PHFM & PHCODE were on scene to evaluate the building.

Command: 227CHF

Units: 225SS, 222RQ, 223SS, 223EN1, 227RQ, 227SS, PHPD, PHFM, PHEMS, PHCODE