186 Shenandoah Dr – Stove Fire

On Sunday evening, Stations 227, 223, 222, 226, 196 were alerted for a stove on fire. 227 Chief arrived on scene with nothing showing. Upon further investigation the fire was out with a smoke condition inside the structure. 227EN arrived on scene and started ventilation. All other units were cancelled. No injuries were reported.

Command: 227 Chief (Dolton)
Units: 227CV1, 227EN, St.222, St.223, St.226, St.196

Rodi @ Tulip – Water Rescue

On Sunday afternoon Station 227 was alerted for a flooded roadway at the intersection of Rodi @ Tulip Dr. 227 Assistant-2 & 227 Captain arrived on scene and found one vehicle stuck in the intersection with rising waters and one female driver stuck in the vehicle. Both officers were able to assist the driver out of the vehicle and out of rising waters. PHPD blocked the roadway till the rain subsided and the vehicle was towed.

Command: 227 Chief (Dolton)
Units: 227RQ, 227CV, PHPD, PHEMS


10 Storm Related Calls In 8Hrs

On Tuesday, Allegheny County was hit with a moderate thunder storms.  Station 227 responded to 10 storm related calls in a 8 hour period ranging from:

  • Commercial & Residential Fire Alarms
  • Down Power Lines
  • Transformer Fires
  • Flooded Roadways

Thanks to all that members that stood by at the station!!!

142 Courtney Dr – Physical Rescue

On June 24, @ 17:33, Rescue Companies 223, 222 & 227 were alerted for a physical rescue, male over the hillside from suffering a medical emergency. 223 Chief arrived on scene, one male patient, approx. 100 ft down the hill. Command requesting first rescue with a stokes basket, rope and backboard/collar to the rear yard. 223EN1 & 222RQ arrived on scene, crews assisting the chief and medics with patient removal.  227RQ arrived and assisted with patient packaging. Patient removed, placed in awaiting ambulance, All crews returned in service as they picked up. Great teamwork by all on scene.

Command:  223 Chief (Capone)

Units:  223EN, 222RQ, 227RQ, PHPD, PHEMS

4360 Verona Rd – Vehicle Accident W/Rollover

On Thursday Stations 225 & 227 were alerted for a motor vehicle accident with rollover in the area of 4360 Verona Rd.  225 Captain arrived on scene and established command and reported one vehicle rolled over and a pole snapped with wires down.  The driver was able to get out of the vehicle under there own power.  227RQ arrived on scene and assisted 225 with traffic control.  The driver was transport to a local hospital with non life threatening injuries.

Command:  225 Captain (Stedleman)
Units:  225SS, 227RQ, PHPD, PHEMS

Blood Drive – Target Goal Achieved

With everyone’s help at yesterday’s blood drive, we were able to collect 30 unit of blood!! Thank you to everyone that came out and donated. Fire Fighters from St.221,222,224,225,227 stopped past to donate. Check back soon for future blood drive dates.

2200 Robinson Blvd – Accident W/Rollover

Just after midnight on Thursday morning, Stations 225, 227 were alerted for a vehicle accident with rollover in the 2200 Blk of Robinson Blvd. 225EN arrived on scene and found a single vehicle accident with rollover. After a few minutes, the patient was located. EMS evaluated the patient for minor injuries. All units were cancelled.


Command: 225 Captain (Stadelman)
Units: 225EN, 227TK, 227RQ, WBG PD, EAPHS EMS

Busy Day For The 227 House

Today was a busy day for the 227 Fire House. Members answered six (6) calls for service.
-4242 Verona Rd – Rollover With Entrapment
-312 Bon Air Rd – Residential Structure Fire
-1230 South McCully Dr (SV Temple) – Commercial Fire Alarm
-4300 Hochberg Rd – Motor Vehicle vs. Pedestrian
-1230 South McCully Dr (SV Temple) – Commercial Fire Alarm
-8075 Lincoln Rd – Residential Fire Alarm

Members, Thanks For Your Hard Work & Time!!!

312 Bon Air Rd – Residential Structure Fire

On Wednesday afternoon Stations 225, 227, 221, 222 were alerted for a possible residential structure at 312 Bon Air Rd.  227TK arrived on scene with nothing showing.  Crews went in to structure to investigate, crews found heavy smoke on the second floor and a pile of clothes on fire in the bedroom. 225EN laid a supply line to 227TK.  The fire was quickly extinguished.  Crews from 225,221, 227 vented the house and checked for any extension.  All units did a great job!  One patient was transport to a local hospital for evaluation only.

Command:  227 Assistant-2 (Jeffcoat)
Units:  225EN, 227TK, 227EN, 227SS, 222EN, 221EN2, 221UT, PHPD, PHEMS, ACFM
Stand-by Units:  224EN, 122RQ, St.196, St.226, St.223

4242 Verona Rd – Vehicle Rollover W/Entrapment

Shortly before 8am on Wednesday morning, Stations 225, 227, 222 were alerted for a vehicle rollover in the are of 4242 Verona Rd. 225 Assistant reported on scene and confirm rollover with entrapment. 227RQ arrived on scene, followed by 222RQ. Both units were able to safely remove the patient from the vehicle.

Command: 225 Assistant
Units: St.225, 227RQ, 222RQ, PHEMS, PHPD