6600-Blk Leechburg Rd – Commerical Structure Fire

On Saturday afternoon, Stations 223, 227, 226 were alerted for smoke coming from an abandoned commercial structure in the 6600-blk of Leechburg Rd.  Chief 223 arrived on scene with smoke showing, requesting 195 & 235 tanker to the scene.  Crews from 223 & 227 were able to make a fast knock down of the fire.  ACFM is investigating the fire.

Leechburg 6-8-13-01 Leechburg 6-8-13-03

Command: 223 Chief (Capone)
Units:  223EN1, 223EN2, 223SS, 227EN, 227CV, 226EN, 195TN, 235TN, PHPD, PHEMS, ACFM

6600-Blk Leechburg Rd – Vehicle Fire

On Tuesday evening, Stations 223,222,226 & 227 were alerted for a possible commercial structure fire behind the PH DPW, Police on scene reporting heavy black smoking showing from the roof. CH-223 arrived on scene, confirmed a working car fire inside an abandon old railroad turnaround building. EN-223-2 arrived on scene, crews pulling an 1.5′ attack line and attacking the car fire. TK-227 & EN-223-1 on scene assisted. All other units were canceled and returned in service. Crews returned in service as they picked up. No injuries were reported.

Leechburg 6-5-13

Command: 223 Chief (Capone)
Units: EN-223-2, EN-223-1, TK-227, ST.222, ST. 226, PHPD

213 Orin St – Kitchen Fire

On Tuesday evening, Stations 225, 221, 227, 222 were alerted for a residential structure fire, caller reported her kitchen was on fire.  PHPD arrived on scene and reported smoke showing from the house.  222EN arrived on scene and laid a supply line.  Crews from 222 & 227 reported the fire was contained to the stove.  221 & 225 started ventilation.  One juvenile was evaluated for minor smoke inhalation.

Command:  222 Chief (Sanford)
Units:  222EN, 227TK, 227SS, 221EN, 225SS, PHPD, PHEMS

7524 Elk Rd – Residential Structure Fire

St. 221, 225, 222, 227TK, & 102RIT were alerted for a reported structure fire. 221EN2 arrived on scene reporting smoke showing, requesting the next unit lay a supply line from hydrant at St. 221.  Crews stretched handline thru the front door and found fire conditions inside the upper right hand side of the garage. Crews made the initial knock and then began forcing the garage door. 221 Chief arrived on scene assuming command. 102 RIT arrived and set up RIT Ops on Side A.  227TK laddered the building. 225EN laid a 5″ supply line and fed 221EN2. 227TK crews assisted with overhaul.  225EN & 222EN crews assisted in opening up checking for extension. Crews isolated the fire and began ventilation with PPV.  No injuries were reported.  ACFM is investigating the fire.

Command:  221 Chief (Snyder)
Units:  221EN2, 221UT, 225EN1, 227TK, 227EN, 227SS, 222EN1, 222RQ, 102RIT, PHPD, PHEMS, ACFM

88 Orin St – Residential Structure Fire

Shortly before 5:30am stations 225, 221, 227, 222 were alerted for a residential structure fire with entrapment at 88 Orin St.  PHPD arrived on scene and confirmed 3 people were trapped on the roof of the house with heavy fire showing from the front of the house.  225TK & 227TK arrived on scene simultaneously.  225TK crew started pulling attack lines while 227TK crew rescued the 3 people trapped on the roof.  The residents were assisted to PHEMS for evaluation.  221SQ secured a water supply and laid into 227TK.  222EN secured a second water supply and operated their deck gun.  All companies operated on scene for four hours.  Allegheny County Fire Marshal is investigating the cause of the fire.

Orin 5-14-13-03 Orin 5-14-13-01

Command:  225 Chief/225 Assistant
Units:  225TK, 225EN, 227TK,227EN, 221SQ, 221UT, 222EN, 222RQ, PHPD, PHEMS, WHEMS, ACFM

158 Crescent Gardens Dr – Residential Structure Fire

On Monday evening shortly before 7:00 pm, Stations 226, 227, 223 were alerted for smoke and flames coming from the rear of a house on Crescent Gardens Dr.  227TK & 227EN went enroute simultaneously.  227TK arrived on scene with smoke and flames.  227EN secured a water supply and connected to 227TK.  Crews from 227 and 223 extinguished the fire.  Fire was contained to the room of origin.  No injuries were reported. The Allegheny County Fire Marshal is investigating the cause of the fire.

Crescent Gardens 5-13-13-01 Crescent Gardens 5-13-13-02

Command:  227 Chief (Dolton)
Units:  227TK, 227EN, 227RQ, 223EN1, 223EN2, 226EN, PHPD, PHEMS, ACFM

Truck 227 Aerial Cleaning

On Monday evenings drill night, the members from 227 took about 3 hours to degrease and clean all the Aerial sections of Truck 227.  Once that was complete, it was regreased with clean grease.  By members doing this task ourselves it saves the department roughly $800 in labor and materials.

Ladder Cleaning 01 Ladder Cleaning 02

455 Elias Dr – Residential Structure Fire

Shortly before 2:30am, Stations 225, 227, 222 were alerted for a possible residential structure.  Caller told AC911 that the house was filling with smoke.  225TK & 227TK arrived on scene with smoke showing.  All occupants were out of the house.  Crews discovered a mattress on fire in a second floor bedroom.  225EN secured a water supply.  222EN assisted with overhaul.  The fire was confined to the bedroom.  No injuries were reported.

Command:  225 Chief
Units:  225TK, 225EN, 227TK, 222EN1, 222RQ, PHPD, PHEMS

426 Rodi Rd – Mr.Tire – Car Fire

About 5:00 am AC911 activated St.227 for a reported vehicle fire at Mr.Tire on Rodi Rd.  227EN arrived on scene with a fully involved vehicle fire.  Crews quickly brought the flames under control with minor damage to the surrounding vehilces.  No injuries were reported.

Command: 227 Assistant-2 (Jeffcoat)
Units:  227EN, 227SQ, PHPD

7 Fire Calls Today For 227

Today was a busy day for St.227.  There were seven (7) calls for service today

  • Vehicle Rollover – Jefferson @ Old William Penn
  • Commerical Fire Alarm – Doones In At Oakmont, Plum
  • Brush Fire – 500-blk Beulah Rd
  • Brush Fire – Duff Park
  • Commerical Apartment Fire – Penn Towers
  • Commerical Fire Alarm – Bottom Dollar Foods
  • Unknown Type Fire – 11810 Frankstown Rd

Thanks To All The 227 Members For Their Hard Work!!!