284 Yosemite Dr – Residential Structure Fire

At 9:45 am Thursday, Stations 222, 223, 226, 227 and 196 were alerted for a reported kitchen on fire. 223 Chief and 516FM arrived on scene within minutes and confirmed a fire in the kitchen. With the update, 225 Truck was added to the call for additional manpower. 516FM was able to make entry and quickly knock back the bulk of the fire with an extinguisher and keep it contained until 227 Engine arrived to deploy a hose line. The fire was able to be contained to the kitchen with no spread to other rooms. Crews were on scene for about an hour. Penn Hills Fire Marshal is investigating the cause of the fire.

Command: 227 Capt. 1 (T.Kutcher)
Units: 222EN1, 222EN2, 223EN2, 225TK1, 226EN1, 227EN, 196RQ, 516FM, PHPD, PHEMS


11690 Frankstown Rd – Vehicle Fire

Shortly after 4 p.m. on Monday, Stations 225 and 227 were alerted for a vehicle on fire in the parking lot of the Vavoline. 227 Engine arrived to find a minivan with the fire located in the engine compartment. Crews made a quick knock on the fire and cleared the scene within half an hour.

Command: 227 Chief (Jeffcoat)
Units: 227EN, 227SS, 225ST, PHPD


248 Duff Road – Shed Fire

At about 1:30pm Monday, Stations 227 and 225 were alerted for a possible tree and brush on fire in the area of the Penn Hills skate park. 227 Lieutenant arrived on scene with 516FM1 and discovered this to be a large shed fully involved behind 248 Duff Road. 222 Engine was added to the call and due to the shed being located approximately 250-300 feet off the road, 226 Attack, 223 Engine, and 233 ATV were requested to assist. Units extinguished the fire and the fire marshal is investigating the cause.


Command: 227 Lieutenant 1 (Zamora)

Units: 227SS, 222EN1, 223EN2, 223SS, 225ST, 226AK, 233AV, 516FM1, PHEMS, PHPD20150706_14062820150706_133853[1]

Robinson Blvd @ Frankstown Rd – MVA with Entrapment

Around 4:30 a.m. on Tuesday April 14th, Stations 225 and 227 were alerted for a vehicle accident with possible entrapment. 225 Chief arrived on scene reporting this to be directly across from their station and confirming entrapment. 225 crews stabilized the car and 227 Rescue arrived and began removing the drivers door. Crews successfully extricated the patient within 10 minutes and transferred care to EMS. Penn Hills Police are investigating the cause.

Command: 225 Chief (McMeekin)
Units: 225EN1, 227RQ, 227SS, PHEMS, EAPS, PHPD  

218 Lobinger Ave – North Braddock – 2 Alarm House Fire

Shortly after 4p.m. on Wednesday April 8th, Stations 135, 192 and 227 were called on a second alarm to a working house fire assisting North Braddock. Crews from multiple agencies fought to bring the fire under control, 227 Truck was tasked to worked inside the house to locate and extinguish any hot spots. Crews worked for about 3 hours and no injuries were reported. The cause of the fire is under investigation by the Allegheny County Fire Marshal.

Command: 207 Chief
Units: 113EN1,113EN2,113RQ,135RQ,153TK,153RQ,171SQ,192EN1,207EN1,227TK,NBPD,POEMS,SALVATION ARMY,ACFM     

2766 Robinson Blvd – Commercial Structure Fire


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Around 6:30 on Wednesday morning, Stations 221, 222, 225 and 227 were alerted for a laundromat on fire. Crews arrived on scene and quickly confirmed the fire had originated in a dryer and had extended into the roof. 225 Chief requested the next 2 companies, bringing 122 and 223 to the call. 227 Truck laddered the building while 225 Truck set up for aerial operations. Crews quickly stretched 2 attack lines and began knocking the fire down. 223 and 225 vented the roof and found some deep seated fire and extinguished it. No injuries were reported.  Crews operated for about 2 1/2 hours.  Penn Hills Fire Marshal is investigating the … Continue reading

Leechburg Rd @ Sutton Dr – MVA vs. Utility Pole

At about 12:45pm Tuesday, stations 223 and 227 were alerted for a single vehicle accident involving a utility pole. 223 Captain 3 arrived on scene confirming a single vehicle into the pole shearing it and came to rest over the hillside. No one was trapped in the vehicle and crews stood by on scene blocking Leechburg Rd until police and EMS could complete patient care, units cleared within half an hour.

Units: 223EN1, 227RQ, 227UT, PHPD, PHEMS
Command: 223 Assistant (Zacchia)


Frankstown Rd @ Coal Hollow Rd – MVA With Entrapment

Shortly before 7:30 PM Wednesday, stations 225 and 227 were alerted for a two (2) vehicle accident with one (1) person or reportedly still trapped. While en-route, 227 Rescue received the update of police were on scene confirming one (1) female still inside the vehicle, but was uninjured. Crews arrived on scene and immediately stabilized the SUV and quickly popped the drivers door within five (5) minutes of starting extrication. Upon gaining access, EMS quickly took over patient care and crews stood by until the vehicle was removed.

Command: 227 Assistant (Davis)
Units: 227RQ, 225SQ, PHEMS, PHPD


129 Kings Dale Rd – Residential Structure Fire

On January 6th around 9 a.m. Stations 122, 137, 153, 302, and 303 were alerted for a reported house on fire. Churchill PD and 122 Chief arrived on scene reporting heavy fire coming from the rear of the house. Immediately 122 Chief requested his 2nd alarm to the scene, bringing 135, 196, 207, 225, 227, and 304. Crews from all companies worked together non stop for over 3 hours battling frigid temperatures and a snow storm to bring the fire under control. Allegheny County fire marshal is investigating the cause of the fire.

Command: 122 Chief (Zatlin)
Units: 122RQ, 122SQ, 135SQ, 137RQ, 153EN, 196RQ, 225TK, 227EN, 227SS, 227UT, 302EN, 303TK, 304EN, CPD, WHEMS, ACFM, Salvation Army

Universal Road @ Collins Drive – MVA with rollover

Just before 11 a.m. on Thanksgiving day, Stations 222, 223, and 227 were called to the intersection of Universal Rd and Collins Dr for a reported vehicle rollover with a pole sheared in half. 227 Lieutenant 1 arrived on scene to find one vehicle on its roof and a pole sheared at the base and moderate fluids on the ground. All occupants were able to self extricate on their own. 227 Rescue arrived on scene and controlled the hazards and temporarily shut down Universal Road until the vehicle was removed from the road.

Command: 227 Assistant (Davis)
Units: 227RQ, 222RQ, 223EN1, PHPD, PHEMS