Grove Rd @ Lincoln Rd – Technical Rescue

On Friday shortly before 3:30pm, Stations 221,222,223,227 were alerted for a vehicle over a hillside at the intersection of Grove Rd at Lincoln Rd. 221UT & 227RQ arrived on scene and confirmed a single vehicle hit a structural wall to a garage and a boat that was parked next to the building and went about 150’ over a hillside. The driver and his dog were able to get out of the vehicle under their own power. Crews started setting up advanced rope rescue systems to get rescuers safely over the hillside and make patient contact. A short time later, two (2) rescuers from 227RQ proceeded over the hillside and started patient care.

Crews from 221,222,223,227 worked in the sweltering heat for hours attempting to bring everyone back up the hill. Due to the terrain, large debris field, and unstable soil, crews brought 225TK, 194RQ, PGH EMS R1 & R3 to the scene to assist. Using 225TK as a lifting device, crews were able to overcome most of the obstacles that were in our way.

Due to the heat and a prolonged rescue, numerous EMS agencies assisted on scene. The dog was transported to a local animal hospital for treatment, five (5) rescuers were transported to local hospitals with non life threatening injuries, all firefighters were treated and released later that evening. The operator of the vehicle was transported also with non life threatening injuries. The images below show what rescuers saw.

Command: 221 Chief

Units: 221UT, 222RQ, 223EN, 223MP, 227RQ, 227EN, 227SS, 225TK, 194RQ, PGH EMS R1 & R3, PHPD, PHEMS, PHFM