Junior Firefighter Program


The goal of this program is to provide training, mentoring, and guidance to individuals between the age of 16 and 18 who are interested in a career in emergency services.  Training is conducted on a regular basis and is intended to expose the Junior Firefighters to all phases of the fire service.  Members are required to have a valid “working permit”, to be active and in good standing in their schools and community, and maintain a minimum GPA of 2.5.  It is important for potential Junior Firefighters to understand that they are students first!!!

Captain Kutcher Showing JrFF Pellegrino the locking mechanism on the hood release of a vehicle.

Just because active firefighters and emergency service personnel are required by law to be at least 18 years old doesn’t mean you can’t begin contributing to your community at an earlier age. The Penn Hills No.7 Junior Firefighter program provides interested younger people the opportunity to begin their training and develop the skills required to pass the Firefighter I and Firefighter II certification requirements when they become of age. Juniors also learn about agency organization, operations, and command, while developing teamwork and leadership skills that will benefit them in whatever career they follow later in life.

227 Firefighters going over the SCBA with JrFF Bachetti prior to a building search on training night.

As a Junior Firefighter, you will not be allowed to participate directly in fighting actual fires. You may, however, be able to help behind the fire lines in providing tools to firefighters, refilling air packs, and other equally vital services. Your training will cover every aspect of the fire service. During your training you can expect to develop many practical and valuable skills, such as basic first aid; the donning of personal protective equipment and the use of self-contained breathing apparatus; how to use and maintain the tools needed to fight fires and conduct rescues; and the techniques for executing search and rescue, forcible entry, ventilation, emergency evacuation, and automobile extractions.

JrFF Pipes exits a window after conducting a search in a simulated smoke environment.

Junior Firefighters receive training in a broad range of first aid and rescue procedures. Other activities can include participating in training drills and community outreach programs, and doing community service projects to share what is being learned in the program.  Joining the Junior program is also a great way to meet others your age who share your values and beliefs regarding community service. Many juniors develop friendships that last throughout their lives.

JrFF Giles operates the million dollar ladder truck with the Chief while conduction a weekly vehicle check.

Further questions about becoming a member can be answered by clicking> HERE.  Applications for membership are available at the bottom of the “Join” page.

**Penn Hills No.7 VFC follows all rules and regulation set forth by the PA Dept of Labor & Industry and the Pennsylvania Office of State Fire Commissioner.  An official copy of the Pennsylvania Junior Emergency Service Program Compliance Manual < can be obtained by clicking the link. Our last compliance review with the Department of Labor & Industry was September of 2016 and Penn Hills No.7’s Junior Firefighter Program was found to be in COMPLIANCE will all rules and regulations.**