Penn Arbors Apts – Smoke In The Building

On Monday evening, Stations 225 and 227 were alerted for a commercial fire alarm at Penn Arbors Apartments. 227TK arrived on scene and got an additional report of smoke on the 8th floor. The alarm was upgraded bringing 222, 223, 285, 196 to the call. 227TK crew arrived on the 8th floor and a moderate smoke condition in the hallway. 227TK crew found burnt food that was left unattended. 225TK and 222EN crew assisted with ventilation. 223EN and 285EN stood by at the hydrant. All other units were cancelled. No injuries were reported.

Command: 225 Assistant

Units: 225TK, 227TK, 222EN, 223EN, 285EN, 196RQ, PHEMS, PHPD.