Rodi Rd @ Morrow Dr – Vehicle Accident W/Injuries

Just before 4 p.m. on Wednesday, stations 227, 223 and 222 were called to the intersection of Rodi Rd & Morrow Dr for a reported vehicle accident with possible entrapment. EMS arrived on scene and confirmed that there was no entrapment, however there was copious amounts of fluids and debris all over the roadway. Crews from 227, 223 and 222 responded and closed the roadway off to control and remove all the hazards from the roadway and await for the tow trucks. Crews operated on scene for just over an hour.

Command: 227SQ (Hudek)
Units: 227SQ, 223EN1, 223SS, 222QRS, PHPD, PHEMS, PHFM2014-09-25 14.11.20 20140924_162940